The Dusty Fund 

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You would think that into the second decade of rescuing retired racing greyhounds, that GAS would have seen just about everything.  A situation arose in 2000 which was a first for GAS.  A lovely young female was brought to the kennel for adoption.  She was a happy 2 year old with a delightful personality and affectionate nature.  She got along with cats, and would have been placed in a new home quickly.  Just prior to her vet appointment, a trainer from the track called to say there had been a mistake, and the little female was sold to another breeder to become a brood bitch.  She was not free for adoption.  Marilyn called the owner to plead the young dog's case.  Clearly she would be much better in a loving home than to spend the next 4-5 years as a brood bitch - producing puppies, one litter after another. The plea was turned down.  The dog was sold, and there was nothing that could be done.  A few days later, Marilyn received a call that the little girl was to be picked up the next morning to be transported in a greyhound hauler full of dogs destined for a locale out west.  There the little girl would begin her career as a brood bitch.  After much soul searching, Marilyn called the owner back, pleaded her case again, and finally offered to buy the dog.  Purchasing a brood bitch at prime breeding age is not cheap.  The dog 's cost was 5 times the GAS adoption fee.  Sometimes the morality of a situation leaves little choice but to do the right thing.  The young female - whom we'll call Lucky - kept her vet appointment that week.  She is now in a wonderful new home with a family who spoils her shamelessly.  Lucky is truly a lucky girl.

GAS has never paid for a dog before, and can't afford to do this.  Had circumstances been different, if Lucky had never come to the kennel, GAS would not have even considered buying a greyhound.  There are so many who need homes that the expense would be out of the question.  But Lucky did come to the kennel.  She did not deserve to be recalled and slated to a life of continual breeding and kennel living.  With the sad demise of a special brood bitch named Dusty still fresh in our minds, GAS felt that the only choice was to secure Lucky's freedom.  GAS is a rescue - and to this end Lucky was rescued.  We have had several brood bitches over the years.  Because they are 6 years or older when they arrive, it is difficult to place them.  We did not want this fate for Lucky. Once a commitment is made to a dog, GAS will stand behind that dog for the full extent of its life.  The commitment was made to Lucky when she walked in our door.

What would you have done?  GAS supporters respected the decision GAS made to purchase Lucky's freedom and secure a new home for her.  The funds to cover her freedom were quickly raised.  Now we are seeking to continue our commitment to greyhounds in need by establishing a permanent Dusty Fund to cover extraordinary medical bills. The Dusty Fund is named in honor of the remarkable brood bitch Dusty who graced our lives ever so briefly.  It is an ongoing fund first established to cover Lucky's purchase, and now dedicated to medical emergencies. GAS will never purchase another greyhound.  It is an expense we cannot afford.  Further safeguards will be taken to ensure that all greyhounds reaching the sanctity of the GAS kennel cannot be recalled.  GAS is one of the few rescues who will accept and rehabilitate seriously injured dogs.  If we are to be able to continue to do this, we need continued donations from our supporters.

Send your donations to:

The Dusty Fund
c/o Greyhound Adoption Service
16 Jak-Len Drive
Salisbury, MA 01952

Greyhound Adoption Service thanks you in advance for your kindness.  Lucky and the other greyhounds at the kennel, present and future, will have better lives because of your support.

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