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Greyhounds Available for Adoption

Available Greyhounds' Bios - The page contains thumbnail photos, the names, gender and ages of all dogs available for adoptionAdditional photos and personality profiles of individual dogs can be accessed through their bio pages.

Important information!  Please read all of the articles below before you call the kennel for an appointment:

*Please read The GAS Adoption Process: What you need to know

*Please read Welcome Home- what to expect when you arrive home with your new greyhound

*Please read THINK Before Adopting - looking at your future with your greyhound.

*Please read Babies First- how easy is it to juggle babies and greyhounds?

If you have a cat, read the following 2 articles before calling for an appointment:
                1. Greyhounds & Cats, Small Dogs & Other Pets

                2.  A Greyhound Is Not A Cat : for those who have not had a greyhound before.

*Carefully read the Greyhound Adoption Service Adoption Policies.

*Please read About...FAQs from the Greytvine for more issues relating to adoption.

*For a list of information, resources and articles on greyhounds, click on Greyhound Info-Links.

*Look for the ADOPTED ! symbol.  These dogs have just been placed in their new homes.