On March 26. 2003, Marilyn left the GAS kennel and greyhounds in the capable hands of Kris and Jan Metz, and headed to New Mexico for her first vacation in almost twenty years!  It was a mini-reunion as Julie Gabrielski, GAS volunteer extraordinaire, arrived less than a half hour before Marilyn.  Julie and I both lived in Massachusetts, and worked with Marilyn as volunteers.  We both moved away in 2000, Julie to Florida and me to New Mexico.  Our friendship, love of greyhounds and email have kept us close over the years.  We made plans for this reunion in December and were thrilled to see each other again.  I do think the promise I made to Marilyn to have Mexican food for at least one meal every day of the visit helped to persuade her to come.

New Mexico is an ancient and enchanted land.  We explored Acoma Pueblo's Sky City - the oldest continually inhabited city in the USA.  We visited the Santuario de Chimayo and touched the soil which is said to have miraculous healing properties.  We climbed through the exotic geological formations of Tent Rocks National Monument.  My 2 year old grandson Cole accompanied us on this steep and winding hike - outdoing all of us with his youthful vigor.  Among the three of us, we must have taken hundreds of photos.  Marilyn and Julie got to meet some of my dog loving friends in NM who were happy to share and talk about their work with animals.  In our spare time, we ate and shopped our way around Santa Fe, and spent time at our ranch.  Marilyn was given no opportunity to miss the greyhounds as my own six dogs were more than happy to keep her occupied.  Our visit ended too quickly, and I felt a sadness come over me as I dropped Marilyn and Julie at the airport.  Ladies, let's not wait so long for our next reunion. Mil gracias toKris and Jan Metz, and to the other volunteers who gave them a hand during Marilyn's vacation.   What follows are photos of highlights of the trip.



Happy trails, Marilyn & Julie, and come back real soon!

Adios from Deborah
Somewhere in New Mexico
April 5, 2003