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Zeke (Sandhill Zeke) - 2004-2016.  The Vaughn family is heartbroken at the sudden loss of their beloved Zeke on Jan. 26, 2016 due to Pancreatitic cancer.  We have been blessed to have this joyful, loving, boy with us for almost 9 years. Zeke came to us in March of 2007 from Greyhound Adoption Service.  He was a large greyhound with gorgeous brindle coloring and a handsome face. What I loved most about him was his gentle, sweet personality.  He had lovely soulful eyes and loved to tuck himself on the couch against me to take a nap.  We've had so many wonderful times with Zeke over the years.  Memories of walks in the park, watching him dash around in the snow or sunning himself in the grass with the other dogs.  He has always been a comfort, a friend, and a gentle, sweet presence in the house.  When we brought home a yellow lab puppy in Aug. 2015, to our surprise Finley bonded with Zeke, rather than the younger female greyhounds.  Zeke was incredibly patient with this young ball of fluff that crawled over him, followed him around and played with his tail.  As time passed they became the best of friends and slept together on the dog beds.  Zeke loved to take rides in the car and Finley became his best car buddy. They were never far apart.  We will all miss this amazing boy who brought so much joy and happiness to our home.  I'll be forever grateful that he came into our life.

Venus (Double Ur Money): 2006-2015.  The Coppola/Valentini family mourns the loss of their beloved Venus, who passed away at home on August 15, 2015 surrounded by her family, following a short battle with Lymphoma. Venus was our second greyhound adopted from GAS and was truly one of a kind, soliciting friends wherever she went. She would always try to make eye contact with anyone she met and would immediately start wiggling from head to tail once she made the connection! She had a variety of friendly barks and yelps, and many more voices to convey her need to play, eat, sleep, or go outside. She loved riding in the convertible and even enjoyed our month-long 13 state road trip, always the first to draw attention and a wonderful representative for the greyhound adoption cause. Venus was a kind and gentle soul, as evidenced by her interaction and complete tolerance of our flock of wild turkeys and resident feral cat in the backyard, to the point where she would look to greet them during each trip outside. Most memorable was her obvious concern when her adopted father's health began to decline. She would often "check in" with him when he was having a difficult moment and would be the first to leap up to the bed to smother him with kisses and lay by his side at night. She added a spark of joy to our lives and will always be remembered with great affection.

Ella Fizgerald Stein (Kelso's Fantasia): 2002-2014. The Stein family is saddened by the death of their beautiful Ella.  Gary writes.  "Nine years ago we adopted a gorgeous fawn named Kelso's Fantasia.  She had been at Wonderland.  She took to her new family name well... Ella Fitzgerald Stein.  Ella was our second greyhound adoption.  We lost her Monday night after a long illness. We are crushed but somewhat comforted by her living like a queen until she was 12 years old.  Ella was SO smart and funny and trained her family very well.  She was so expressive it was remarkable.  She had different barks for different desires.  No... Demands.  One meant she wanted her bed moved to a more desirable spot, another was for food, another to go out.  The best bark was when she would tell us that it was time to go to bed and she wanted us all to go upstairs.  Sometimes out of frustration I would say "El, I'm not ready to go up!  If you're tired go upstairs." Begrudgingly, she would turn, head up the stairs and go to bed.  We just adored her beyond words.  We are a bit broken here.  But if I was a betting man, I doubt we've adopted our last grey.  They are the most amazing breed of all.  Gentle, beautiful, loving, grateful, graceful and so smart.  Goodnight our sweet, precious Ella.  You brought nothing but pleasure."

Robin Reynolds (LPB Cristiniboni): 1999 - 2013. The Reynolds family of North Andover, MA mourns the loss of their beloved Robin.  Mary writes, "Robin was my long time, tried and true friend.  I had the good fortune of having Robin from when she was 3 years to when she passed just short of her 15th birthday.  Robin was recognized as the oldest greyhound (14 years) at GAS's Greyhound Reunion in May, 2013.  Robin was in excellent health at the reunion.  Robin was with her first family in Billerica for one year.  They needed to return Robin to GAS.  Marilyn knew I needed a greyhound like Robin.  I will always be grateful to Marilyn for arranging for me to be waiting for Robin at GAS when the Billerica family returned her.  Instead of going in a crate, Robin got in my car and we cruised to North Andover for 12 great years together.  Robin was the perfect dog.  She got along with all of my greyhounds and small dogs and all of Walter's gordon setters.  I would like to thank my friend Walter for taking good care of Robin throughout her life when I was not home.  I would also like to thank Trudy who adopted Robin's sister Jet.  Trudy took fabulous care of Jet and had Jet for about 12 years when she passed in 2013.  Throughout the years, Trudy emailed me pictures of Jet.  Although we lived thousands of miles from each other, we shared stories and pictures about the sisters.  Sharing 12 years with Robin was one of the best experiences of my life.  Thank you GAS."

Sarge: 2005 - 2014.  The Worell family of Gloucester, Ma are saddened by the loss of their adored boy Sarge.  Wendy writes, "We are mourning the loss of our sweet, lovable Sarge, who died this morning from cancer. We are simply heartbroken. I too, was diagnosed with cancer in Aug. of 2013 and I couldn't have asked for a better friend who stayed by my side literally, through the most difficult time of my life. Sarge came to us from Marilyn on May 19th, 2011, and in such a short time with us, he left such a mark with his loyalty, endless kisses, and silly poses. He is forever in our hearts and we miss him so dearly already."

Dreamboat Annie: 1997-2007.  Martha & James Torrey of Lawrence, MA are still mourning the lost of their beloved Annie on September 11, 2007. Martha recalls, "We adopted her from GAS just before Christmas 2000. She had a good life while she was with us. She was such a character! She loved to cockroach on the couch in the TV room. She was also madly in love with my husband, James. When he sat in his recliner, she would sit with her head on his knee looking at him with her big brown eyes in admiration. We discovered late in September 2007 that she was suffering from osteosarcoma in her left hind leg.  She was a month away from her 10th birthday when she passed. She was a sweet, dear girl and we still miss her so very much. She will always have a special place in our hearts."

Tucker (TM Tucker): 1999-2013.  "Mitch Rodriguez of Milton MA is saddened by the loss of his first and only pet, Tucker, who passed peacefully at Burlington Veterinary Hospital while his dad rubbed his ears. Tucker was both well-mannered and playful, and would stop people in their tracks with his good looks. He slowed down in his later years with vision and joint problems and began to lose cognition toward the end, but never stopped bringing joy and laughter to the household. We thought he might have had cancer after a bad foot break in 2008, but that proved not to be the case- Burlington Vet operated to preserve the use of his foot, and I looked at the last few years as special bonus time with my hound! He was a greyt companion through a number of ups and downs. May he Rest in Peace with peanut butter Kongs."

Apache Blake: 2001-2013.  Rob & Catherine Blake and their greyhounds Pearl and Joy of Durham, NH are sadden by the loss of their beloved boy Apache.  Rob writes, " Apache passed away on April 1, 2013 surrounded by his loved ones. Apache was the first of three beautiful greyhounds we were fortunate to adopt, and he truly was a gift from God. Apache always made sure his 'girls' (Joy and Pearl) were always well behaved, and he was the consummate gentleman throughout his life. The loss of Apache has left an irreplaceable void in our lives and our hearts are truly broken.  Thank you Apache for the endless joys you brought into our lives and I look forward to the day that we are all reunited in Heaven once again.  We love you always and forever."

Hoss (Nita's Crazy Hoss): 1999-2012.  Frannie Lindsay of Belmont, MA is deeply saddened by the passing of her dear Hoss.  Frannie writes, "On the afternoon of November 5, 2012, Hoss died very peacefully of failures related to old age in the arms of his mom, Frannie Lindsay with the capable and loving help of Dr. David Champaigne at Porter Square Vet. Hoss had struggled over the hot summer with laryngeal paralysis and declined gently due to unrelated illnesses over the course of the fall.  His humans are deeply grateful that he did not suffer any respiratory distress at the end of his life. His message to his mom the night before, conveyed with his big, steady brown eyes, was very simply "it's time, and that's OK." He blessed Frannie, despite his LP, by making it to his 13th birthday in June in high spirits, which he maintained in defiance of the extreme summer heat. He will be remembered for his “Donald Trump” ear-do, his skill at raiding refrigerators, and his love of living upside down with his front legs straight in the air atop Frannie’s bed.  A memorial corner has been established in the spot on the rug where he claimed his patch of sunlight every day. Frannie and his buddy, Mable, will never forget him. He joins Frannie's beloved pack of angels Rain, Henry, Cole, and Porgy (aka Piglet.)"

Evelyn (LAS Long Gone): 2003-2012.  Mary Reynolds and family of N. Andover, MA are heartbroken at the loss of their beautiful Evelyn.  Mary writes, "After Evelyn finished running on Massachusetts tracks, I adopted her in May, 2007 when she was 3 years old.  She spent her retired life in one home loved by Mary Reynolds, Walter Drew, Robin, Benji, Sol, Wallace and Skye.  Evelyn was a beautiful girl inside and out.  People frequently complemented her physical beauty.  She was stunning when she ran.  I loved her inner beauty.  Evelyn found great comfort with Walter and her canine housemates.  Evelyn was a mommy's girl.  She always greeted me when I came home.  Recently, Evelyn was showing signs of neurologic disfunction.  I took her to the vet earlier this week for lab tests.  While we were waiting, Evelyn had a powerful, fatal seizure at the vet.  We tried to save her life, but could not stop the seizure or get her heart regulated.  After satisfying myself that we had taken all reasonable actions to keep Evelyn with us, we let her go to end her struggle.  When I think of Evelyn, I am grateful for her life and the time we had together."

Fuzzy Sniper Evans: 2001 - 2012.  The Evans family of Beverly, MA is saddened by the loss of their beloved Fuzzy.  Nichole writes, "It is with heavy heart that I write to you today. Our beloved greyhound Fuzzy has passed away.  Ed, myself, Nicholas and Eddie III are heart broken. We adopted him 7 1/2 years ago from your kennel. People say how nice it was of us to save him but in truth he saved us.  He was the best dog I could have ever hoped for and his death has left a pain that nothing can fix."