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*Please note that the photos above were staged for artistic purposes.  Please do not feed your dog grapes!*

Goodbye, Jake.  In November of this year, it will be 10 years since I started the GAS website.  We were one of the first on the web.  Back then a digital camera could only hold about 15 photos, and the quality wasn't the best.  But it was a big help to greyhound adoption.  Since then I have written untold numbers of greyhound biographies, articles and news items.  Even afer I moved to New Mexico in 2000, I continued as GAS webmaster and still do today.  (Marilyn has taken over the photography and does an amazing job).  In 2003 Jake, the first greyhound my family adopted, died.  I realized that I wanted and needed a place to memorialize him.  As a result I started Passages on our website.  The response to Passages has been amazing.  I am touched by each memorial that comes in, and empathize with the loss of each of our beloved companions. I recently had my first children's book - Goodbye, Jake -  published (under the pen name of Bam Schildkraut).  It concerns a little boy's first experience with death at the loss of his beloved greyhound, Jake.  The story is fictional but is based on real events.  This is an especially compassionate and reassuring story for children with an uplifting ending. I hope that any of you who have suffered the loss of an animal companion will find comfort in this book.  Althought it was written for children, adults can related to the story as well.  In Massachusetts,  Banbury Cross Children's Bookshop in Wenham, MA  carries the book.  Signed and dedicated copies can be mail-ordered directly through me.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Goodbye, Jake goes to GAS. 

Yours truly has just won a national award for a two-part magazine series that I wrote on end of life concerns for our dogs.  The articles appeared in PETroglyphs Animal Resources Magazine.  I received the Dog Writers Association of America 2006 Award for Best Magazine Series.  It was a thrill to win this prestigious honor.  Here are the links to the articles which are important for all of us who have dogs:  The Last Act of Love and A Resting Place.   If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to email me at the GAS address at the end of this page

WOW! - Kris Metz of Kris Koats makes and sells coats for greyhounds.  She donates the money to greyhound rescue.  Kris donates all of the profits from her sales at our Reunions to GAS, as well as additional donations from other sales throughout the year.   Kris - we thank you for being such a generous friend to greyhounds.  If you are at Dewey Beach, please visit Kris and her fabulous coats!

Atlantic News Features GAS:  The Atlantic News has done a greyt article on GAS.  To read the article, click here.  We thank Liz Premo/Atlantic News, Hampton, NH  for their permission to post the article on our web site.

PASSAGES - No one who has a companion animal as part of her life is immune to the sadness and grief that comes with the loss of that companion.  In August 2003, I lost my greyhound Jake.  He was my first greyhound, and he is responsible for my dedication to helping retired racers.  To honor Jake and the other wonderful greyhounds who have graced the lives of GAS adopters, a feature called  PASSAGES is now available which will carry brief notes on the passing of GAS adoptees.  If your greyhound has passed on, you may send the dog's name along with your family's name, your town & state and if you wish, a brief comment to me at   Please visit Jake's memorial page.  I like to think that all of these beautiful greyhounds are chasing the ravens with Jake.

 GAS needs your help. The Dusty Fund which covers extraordinary medical expenses is empty once again.  Thanks to your past generosity, GAS has helped many greyhounds who would otherwise not have been given the opportunity for recovery and a new life with a loving family.  Please consider a donation to the Dusty Fund.  Celebration and memorial gifts can be designated for the Dusty Fund.  Thanks in advance for your contributions.

Fleas & Ticks:  We have had several inquiries regarding products that are safe for greyhounds.  I checked with Marilyn to see what she uses in the kennel  She replied,"I use Advantage which is 100% effective, and Frontline can be used if both fleas and ticks are present."  As always, check with your vet if you have any questions regarding these products.

Periodically, I write in this column about newly surfaced issues which are important to potential greyhound adopters.  I have taken those issues, and compiled them on a page in the Info-links section of the web site.  I will continue to add tidbits to the page after they have served some time on the Greytvine.  As of today, you can find information about dog allergies, condo restrictions and returned dogs on  About...FAQs from the Greytvine.  If you are a potential adopter, please read all of the articles on the introduction to the greyhounds available for adoption page   before you call the kennel for an appointment.  These articles will help you decide if a greyhound is the right dog for you and your family.

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