Greyhounds and Cats

Greyhound Adoption Service cat-tests each dog within a few days of its arrival at the kennel.  The reason for the cat-testing is to determine if there is a reasonable expectation that with a proper introduction, the dog will be able to live in a household with cats.  Greyhound Adoption Service does receive some dogs who can live in a family with cats.  Please remember that most can not.  Their breed history indicates why.

Greyhounds are sight hounds.  They have been bred to chase game.  This behavior is used at the track in training for racing.  Some greyhounds have a higher prey drive (need to chase) than others.  Some greyhounds get along well with cats, some don't, some do not even get along with smaller breeds of  dogs, and believe it or not, some are even afraid of cats. Because of this variability, each dog requires testing.  At Greyhound Adoption Service we do our best to access the prey drive of each dog.  When you accept a greyhound into your family, you must do your best to introduce the greyhound to your other pets properly, in a manner which is safe for all concerned.  Greyhound Adoption Service will loan you a muzzle for use during the introduction process, and which you return when the introductions have been completed.  Please take advantage of the expert advice from Greyhound Adoption Service and the numerous articles written about introducing greyhounds to cats to other pets  Links to some of these articles are provided below.  Cat-testing is not a guarantee that any greyhound will get along with all cats in all circumstances.  Much of the success of a greyhound-cat bond depends on the introduction.  If you do the introduction properly, you will increase the chances that your dog and cat will be tolerant of each other.

If you have any questions regarding cat-testing, read about how we do it at Greyhound Adoption Service on the link below.  Email questions to the address proved at this web site.  Some greyhounds and cats can live happy lives together.  The success of the relationship depends partly on the nature of the dog and cat, and partly on the responsible introduction by the adopter.

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