Welcome to Greyhound Adoption Service, Inc.’s new newsletter. My name is Carla Trottier and with the help of P. J. and Marilyn, we are happy to let you know the newsletter is back! We apologize for the long lapse in hearing from us! There has been a lot going on since the last newsletter. I don’t know where to start!


The 1996 Reunion was a huge success despite the 90° heat! At least it did not rain, which was our biggest worry. Thanks to the 250 or so greyhound owners and dogs who attended. It was wonderful to see so many happy greyhounds and their families. Helene Graustark and I would like to thank all of the dedicated volunteers who worked so hard to pull off the Reunion - we could not have done it without you! The vendors and workshop presenters were also a big part of our success! Many thanks also to Regina Downey, D.V.M., for her great lecture!


I hope all the greyhounds and their owners had as much fun as the judges did! We had great difficulty in deciding some of the winners. We had ties all around for the biggest smile, twin dogs, (it was amazing to see so many dogs that looked SO much alike), and the sack race competitions. And for the other winners -- longest tail - Skully (owner James Basford); shortest tail - Brewski (Josh and Page Sostek); waggiest tail - Pip (Carol Berman); oldest dog - King Tut (Joan Belle-Isle); youngest dog - Duane King’s 17 week old brother and sister. The tallest dog was Linda Pelletier’s Tobey at 31* inches; biggest female -- Gypsy (Jerry Krantweiss), and Cinder, belonging to Agnes Porell, had the baldest butt! We had ties in the egg and spoon race -- Lucky (the Brady family), and Bootsie (Renee Russo); the smallest males were Junior (Dave Stolpe), and Heaterman (Garrett Fisher); and the smallest


females were -- Pleasure (Jim Lockwood), and Sherry (Amy Aubertin). We congratulate everyone!!!


Thanks to P.J. for her efforts organizing the No-Bake Bake Sale. With an overwhelming response from you, we raised $1,605.00! All the money raised went towards the bills for supplies purchased for the work weekend. Thanks to every one who contributed to our No-Bake Bake Sale!!


Dear Dr. Downey,

My 5 year old male greyhound, Mickey, has had a problem with lameness caused by the growth of warts in his footpads. My veterinarian has twice removed them by surgery and we had them biopsied. I am concerned that this may happen again and wish to know if you have any suggestions as to how to prevent a recurrence.

Sincerely, Mickey’s Mom, Sandra A.

Dear Sandra,

Unfortunately, these footpad lesions known as warts or papillomas, seem to be a particular problem for the greyhound. There is some thought that there may be a viral etiology to this disease. I have found the most effective treatment to be surgical removal. I will also biopsy to confirm the diagnosis as did your veterinarian.

I do not have a surefire preventative for this problem, but because there may be a virus causing this disease in Mickey, I would suggest trying some immunostimulant therapy. One product you may wish to try is dimethylglycine, (DMG), which is known to have a positive effect on the immune system and which has been researched in the racing greyhound and found to improve athletic performance. This product is a natural compound and is marketed by a company out of Vermont called Vetri-Science Laboratories, (800-878-0549). DGM supplementation has been found to


stimulate the immune system to eliminate foreign pathogens such as viruses or bacteria.


Dear Dr. Downey,


I am the proud owner of two retired racing greyhounds, Fancy Face and High Roller. I recently learned that greyhounds are prone to thyroid problems. My dogs seem very healthy and they checked out fine on their annual physical. Is this something I should be concerned about? Is there any easy way to test for thyroid problems?

Janet C.

Dear Janet,


You are correct in your knowledge that greyhounds have an increased incidence of thyroid disease, more specifically hypothyroidism, meaning an underactive thyroid gland. Hypothyroidism is the most common endocrine condition in dogs. Symptoms of this disease include skin problems, decreased activity or lethargy, weight gains, intolerance to cold and sometimes increased thirst and urination.

Hypothyroidism is not always easy to diagnose. Blood screens to test the resting thyroid hormones (T3 and T4) and antibodies against these hormones usually will be diagnostic in the more advanced cases. However, in early or mild cases the resting thyroid values may be normal, and a more specific test for thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) may be indicated. Unfortunately, the product to test TSH is not currently available due to FDA recalls. This leaves the veterinarian in the position of sometimes trying the patient on a thyroid supplement if he or she is highly suspicious of the disease based on the symptoms and history. Generally, once a patient is diagnosed with hypothyroidism, they will be receiving a thyroid supplement for the remainder of their life, usually tablets given twice daily by mouth. The patient should then periodically be thyroid tested to determine if they are still being dosed correctly as sometimes the dosage will need to be adjusted.




On Friday, September 6, Marilyn received a frantic phone call from a trainer saying there was a pregnant female at the track that would be put down if no one would take her. Marilyn called me and asked what should we do? We decided that we would rescue her. Ted Saunders was kind enough to pick her up for us and delivered her to the kennel on Saturday.

Ted arrived with a very sad looking, emaciated, very pregnant black and white greyhound. Brittany went immediately to Coastal Animal Clinic to make sure everything was all right. Thankfully, Brittany was in fairly good condition and was ready to deliver any day. Brittany came back to the kennel and went into her new pen. She was acting very confused as she moved around so much in the last 24 hours. She has a really sweet, loving temperament and seemed to know that she had found a safe haven.

On Tuesday, September 10, Marilyn and I were scheduled to give a talk on Greyhounds in Salem, MA. I arrived at the kennel around 10:30 and immediately went to see Brittany, sat down and she started nuzzling up to me and kissing me. Marilyn came in and noticed that she had started delivering her first pup! Poor thing never went through labor and was having an extremely difficult time and Marilyn thought she was going to lose the first pup. Finally it arrived, alive and healthy. Three nerve wracking hours later, Brittany delivered her seventh and final male pup. Fortunately, all the boys were alive and well. She was totally exhausted from her ordeal, but was being a wonderful mom!

Of all the times that I have been at the kennel, this was by far the most gratifying experience I have had. It made me realize why I am so dedicated to the greyhound cause. Every greyhound at the kennel needs attention and is thrilled to see me when I visit. I wish I could do more for them. Brittany and three of her boys are already spoken for. They will be available for adoption November 5th. If you are interested in adopting one of the remaining pups, we are going on a first come, first served basis and are requiring a deposit and a signed neuter contract. Please contact Marilyn at 508-462-7973 if interested.


The scheduled work days of June 1st and 2nd were very productive. A new gate was installed and a portion of new inside perimeter fencing was put up. Marilyn would like to let those people who helped how much she appreciates them! We need to finish the outside areas before the winter sets in so we have scheduled another work day. The date will be Saturday, October 19. We would like to start around 10:00 A.M., and work until late afternoon. The perimeter fencing needs to be completed, the yard needs to be raked and the inside kennel needs a thorough cleaning. We would also like to put railroad ties at the base of the perimeter fence. If you could possibly help for a few hours that day, please give Marilyn a call.


This issue’s spotlight dogs are: Hoops, Sport, Pretty Boy and Peaches. None, unfortunately, can live with cats so they have been at the kennel for a long time. We would love to see these wonderful dogs find loving homes!

Hoops has been with us since 8-12-95. He is a red brindle male who is almost six years old. Hoops is an active dog and gets along wonderfully with other greyhounds. He absolutely loves to play with his room mates!

Sport has been waiting for that perfect home since 9-8-95. He is a handsome fawn male with a black mask. Sport’s five years old, loves to be around people and be petted! Is there any room in your home for Sport?

Pretty Boy is a wonderful white and brindle male. He has been at the kennel since 11-6-95 and is almost five years old. Pretty Boy is rather shy with people at first. Once he gets to know and to trust you, he’s a very happy and out-going greyhound who will adore you.

Peaches is a lovely brindle female. She is six years old and has been waiting patiently to find a home to call her own since 12-19-95. Peaches has a great temperament and is eager to show a family how wonderful she would be in her own home.

Perhaps you would like to give one of these long-timers a chance. Maybe you know of someone that would love to experience greyhound ownership -- let them know about these dogs!


It has been extremely hectic at the kennel. We usually have 29 greyhounds waiting for new homes. Adoptions have steadily been increasing and we hope the fall will prove to be as busy! We would like to welcome all the new adopters to our family. Congratulations to all of you. We hope you are enjoying your newest family member! As you know whenever one greyhound leaves, we have many more waiting to take their place. Marilyn has her hands full. The greyhounds would love to have volunteers come down to walk them. If you are interested in helping, please call Marilyn at 508-462-7973.


We have had many demos during the summer months. I find that this is an excellent way to promote greyhound adoption. It is also fun to tell people how great your adopted greyhound is! My two guys love to do them and adore all the attention they get. I am looking forward to a busy fall demo season. The demos usually run 3-5 hours and take place at pet stores, shopping malls, town field days, and the like. If you are interested in participating, please give me (Carla) a call at 508-667-2789.


As you have been reading through this newsletter, I am sure you must have noticed how many times volunteers are mentioned. Volunteers are an integral part of Greyhound Adoption Service, Inc.. Without volunteers, we would not be in existence. We depend on dedicated volunteers to survive. I am an admitted greyhound nut! I find it very rewarding working with the greyhounds and highly recommend people to be involved. How can you become involved? It’s easy! If you have time, you can help at the kennel by walking dogs or doing laundry, and general cleaning up. You could also participate in demos on the weekends. If you do not have time, monetary donations are always helpful to help us meet our expenses! Even a donation of a book or two of stamps helps us. We often pay for everyday expenses (postage, copying, cleaning supplies, gasoline, etc.) out of our own pockets. Every bit helps our continuing efforts to find loving responsible homes for as many of these wonderful greyhounds as possible.


The Greyhound Project, Inc., is publishing a new greyhound magazine called "CELEBRATING GREYHOUNDS." It will be published quarterly. I have received the premiere issue and am thrilled with it. The annual subscription rate is $15.00. If you would like to subscribe, please send a $15.00 check payable to The Greyhound Project, Inc., along with your name and complete address to: The Greyhound Project, Inc., c/o Joan Dillon, P.O. BOX 173, Holbrook, MA 02343.


The 1997 Celebrating Greyhounds Calendar is ready! The Greyhound Project, Inc., has outdone themselves once more! With 31 photos of 39 adopted greyhounds from around the country, it really is the best calendar yet. Throughout the calendar there are stories about the hounds and very special description of the first encounters people had with these amazing dogs. You will undoubtedly recognize the way you met your first greyhound from the heartwarming stories of these adopters. The cost is $14.00, (includes shipping and handling charges). Please use the order form at the end of the newsletter to place your order.


A brand new Greyhound book has just been published. It is called "GREYHOUNDS." "GREYHOUNDS" is published by Barron’s and the author is D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D.. It is a paperback edition and has 104 pages filled with wonderful pictures and loaded with information on Greyhounds. The pictures are absolutely breathtaking! There is a wealth of information covered in this book. The cost is $9.00, which includes shipping and handling. We have it available, if interested, please use the order form.


Pet ID tags can save your greyhound’s life! Lucky Pet makes genuine safety reflective Pet Tags. Most of their plastic and metal tags have genuine Scotchlite™ reflective coating on the unengraved side. This color-matched coating becomes highly reflective in dangerous low-light conditions. The plastic tags are rugged and quiet. They are available in various shapes, sizes and colors to suit your particular greyhound. The metal



tags are made of stainless steel or solid, polished brass. If your ID tag is worn out or missing -- please call me at 508-667-2789, or drop me a note at 12 Charme Rd., Billerica, MA 01821. I will send you the order form.

Speaking of ID tags, if you have lost your G.A.S. ID tag that was issued to you when you adopted, PLEASE contact Marilyn. For a $5.00 charge, we will issue you a new G.A.S. ID tag. It is vital to have the proper tags on your greyhound if by any chance it becomes lost. Please take every possible effort to protect your precious greyhound’s life.


Have you changed your address or are you planning a move in the near future -- let us know!! We like to have complete, accurate, updated files. If you do not let us know where you are, we cannot contact you if we need to. Perhaps your dog got loose and someone found it and contacted us, how would we contact you? Contact either Marilyn or myself to keep us updated!


If you have some wonderful stories about your greyhound and would like to share them with other adopters, please send them along to Greathound News. We would love to receive some wonderful stories about your particular dog. If you have some pertinent information you would like to pass along we would appreciate that too!


Below is a list of names, addresses and telephone numbers. Please feel free to contact any of us.

Carla Trottier 12 Charme Rd.
Billerica MA 01821 Tel. 508-667-2789
Marilyn Wolkovits 16 Jak-Len Dr.
Salisbury MA 01952 Tel. 508-462-7973
P. J. Knowles P. O. Box 1836
Seabrook NH 03874 Tel. 603-474-8930

We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, problems or need some advice please contact any one of us and let us help you.