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By Carla Trottier
The 1998 annual Reunion was, yet again, a smashing success. Despite the dreary start, Mother Nature decided to rain on our parade, we were blessed with a large number of wonderful people who were not going to let a few drops of rain spoil a greyt time! Everyone was relieved when the sun finally came out and it turned out to be a gorgeous day.

We were pleased to see so many adopted dogs bring their families along to enjoy the festivities. One of the highlights of the afternoon for me was the group howl -- I don’t know who enjoy it more the humans or the greyhounds.

Once again we had several wonderful vendors and workshop presenters in attendance. The raffle table was loaded down with an amazing number of prizes - we had 60 terrific items!! The competition was unbelievable on many items - no one who bought tickets wanted to miss out on that special item. Many thanks to all the generous donors and of course the raffle go-getters who asked for donations.

With the proceeds from the reunion we were finally able to purchase eight new crates for the kennel. We have wanted to replace the existing crates for two years and just have not had the capital to do so. The greyhounds are enjoying the crates and they will last for years to come.

Fun Dog Show Winners . . .

Waggiest Tail: 1st place: Martha & Eric Abney's, Sophie; 2nd place: Kellie & Dave Annicelli's Sonny.

Longest Tail: 1st place: Linda Johnson’s Dart, 24"; 2nd place: Sharon Smith’s Chris at 22?"; and a 3rd place tie @ 22" was shared by Kathi Chang’s Annie, Carol Fitzgerald’s TC and Aileen D’Angelo & Lisa Baron’s George.

Curliest Tail resulted in a tie won by Kim & Kyle Bowers’ Flas and Shana Gilbert’s Gomer.

Shortest Tail: 1st place winner was Jennifer Cook's Sunset Sue and in 2nd place was Elaine Sirois's Stella.

Oldest Dog was Carrie & Tim Boyd’s Tanian at age 9. Youngest dog was Sophie @ 18 months owned by Martha & Eric Abney.

Tallest female was Sunset Sue owned by Jennifer Cook at 28?". Smallest female had a 3-way tie at 26" by Kim Dana’s Dahrma, Kathy Lee’s Dancer and Julie Gabrielski’s Pokie.

Kellie & Dave Annicelli’s George and Mark Dan’s Bob @ 31?" won tallest Male.

Smallest Male was Duncan at @ 28" owned by Maureen Nimmo.

Twin Dogs were Susan Kushlan's Flash and Aileen D’Angelo and Lisa Baron's George.

All humans and dogs who competed in the loudest whiner contest, egg & spoon race and sack race were winners.

By Deborah Schildkraut


Most of us who have had dogs as companions throughout our lives sooner or later have to come to grips with the loss due to death of one of our dogs. But there are fewer people who have had to contemplate their own deaths, and the heart sickening dilemma of what to do for the beloved pets who will be left behind. Sage and Rosemary belong to a super lady named Kristie. Kristie has terminal cancer. The prognosis from her doctors made Kristie realize that she had to find a new home for her two loving greyhound companions Rosemary and Sage.

Kristie adopted the female Rosemary six years ago from Greyhound Adoption Service. The male Sage followed a year later. Both dogs are ten years old and in excellent health. The dogs are in such great shape that you would think they were much younger. The two dogs have been together with Kristie for five years and are best friends. Kristie made the brave decision to find her dogs a new home while she could take part in the decision making. Her goal was to have them placed in a loving home together. To that end, she contacted Marilyn at Greyhound Adoption Service for help.

Marilyn and I visited Kristie and the dogs in early June. Photos were needed for the web site to help facilitate their placement. We were both impressed with the dogs. They have wonderful personalities. The dogs are affectionate and love people. They deserved a caring home, with compassionate people willing to help them adjust to their new lives with patience and understanding. We were equally impressed with Kristie whose concern for the proper placement of her two adored dogs was paramount in her mind - even as she fought her own battle with cancer. Kristie who has been their mom for all these years, deserved to know that together her companions were going to get the kind of nurturing home that she provided for them. We promised Kristie that we would do all we could to help.

Rosemary and Sage were placed on the web site on June 5, 1998, along with a special story concerning their plight. I emailed other sites asking them to post a link to our story about the dogs. Soon the story of Rosemary and Sage was picked up by animal rescue groups all over the Internet. We received many emails of support and offers to help. But no immediate takers for the dogs.

After almost a month on the site, we still had no new family for the dogs. A small amount of panic began to set in. We wanted very much for Kristie to be able to make the decision about the new family for her pals. We were preparing a second wave of publicity when on July 3, 1998, I received an email from Nancy Moresco of Racine, WI. She was touched by Kristie's story. She had several greyhounds and figured she could add two more to her family with no problem. A flourish of phone calls ensued. Nancy talked to Marilyn. Nancy talked to Kristie. Marilyn talked to Kristie. All were in agreement. Rosemary and Sage would go to WI to spend the rest of their lives as part of the Moresco family. At this point, I contacted the Greyhound Underground Railroad (GUR) who had volunteered to move the dogs to their new home. GUR is a volunteer group who move special needs dogs across the country by way of a chain of cars and drivers. The drivers relay the dogs from their old residence to their new one. Betsy at GUR scheduled the drivers, and the date for the journey to WI was set for July 18-19, 1998. It was no small task signing up the drivers and arranging for the transfer spots along the way. Many were needed to drive legs of the journey lasting from an hour to many hours, including an overnight respite midway. Betsy and the GUR drivers did a phenomenal job!

The excitement about Rosemary and Sage's new family hit the Internet. With such high interest, a special update page was set up on the Greyhound Adoption Service web site to follow the dogs on their cross-country trek. The journey began midday Friday July 17, 1998,when Marilyn and I traveled to NH to pick up Rosemary and Sage from Kristie's sister and brother-in-law's home.

Sage and Rosemary seemed eager for a little excitement and easily loaded into Marilyn's vehicle. The two dogs were whisked back to the Greyhound Adoption Service kennel for a little pre trip grooming. Nails were trimmed, ears cleaned, bodies bathed and brushed. Both dogs seemed to agree that baths were never part of the bargain. But the aftermath of two sparkling clean and shiny dogs was worth the effort. After the grooming was completed, Rosemary and Sage were fitted with new collars with matching leashes, and given Greyhound Adoption Service ID tags. Rosemary was dolled up in baby blue and Sage in royal blue.

At a bit before 3 p.m., back into the car went Rosemary and Sage for the trip to Merrimac, MA., their overnight accommodations with Helane. Rosemary was especially pleased to see that the overnight digs came complete with a kiddie pool, and dove right in for a fab pool party with new friends. Instead of sipping a pool side drink, Sage sipped the pool!

After a few photos and kisses good bye, Marilyn and I left sending Godspeed to all of the drivers and the dogs. At Greyhound Adoption Service, a journal was started which would accompany the dogs throughout their trip. All drivers were encouraged to enter reflections and events for their legs of the trip. Two disposable cameras went with them as well. Both Nancy and Kristie would have a complete documentation of the journey. Early to bed that night for Rosemary, Sage and Helane. Starting at 5 a.m., Helane would drive the first leg of the relay and take the dogs to their first Saturday rendezvous near Worcester, MA. As each driver completed his or her leg, they reported in by way of email. The Greyhound Adoption Service web site carried an update which is summarized below:

Rosemary and Sage Journey Update UPDATE: Saturday, July 18, 1998

Leg 1: Helane reported that Rosemary and Sage slept through the night. The transfer to Cynthia went smoothly and they are now on their way to Stockbridge, MA.

Leg 2: Cynthia transferred Rosemary and Sage to Linda and Peter near Stockbridge, MA. Cynthia reported that the transfer takes a bit longer than expected - all that gear as well as the dogs! Next stop Matamoras, PA.

Leg 3: Linda reported that the dogs arrived safe and sound in PA. Rosemary was a little antsy, and took a bit to settle down. Other than that, both are doing well. Linda transferred them to Kris and Jan. Next stop ? State College, PA.

Leg 4, Part 1: Kris, Jan and their GH Holly delivered Rosemary and Sage to Mary at State College, PA. They had the same experience that Linda did with Rosemary taking a while to settle down after the transfer. Next stop - Mercer, PA.

Leg 4, Part 2: The dogs were transferred by Mary, Ann and GH's Brindle and Gwen at Mercer to Kelly with whom they will spend the night. Mary said that Rosemary and Sage were so sweet that she was tempted to keep on going with them! Next stop - Kelly's home in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Leg 5: The final leg of today's relay ended safely at Kelly's home in the Cleveland area. Rosemary and Sage will spend a peaceful night with Kelly and crew. Tomorrow they will hit the road early. Next stop - Toledo, Ohio.

UPDATE: Sunday, July 19, 1998

Leg 1: Kelly wrote that Rosemary and Sage were excellent house guests. They slept well, tired by the trip. Kelly delivered the dogs safely into the hands of Manda & Becky and Kathy & Jim in Toledo, Ohio. Next stop -Angola, IN.

Leg 2: Manda writes that Rosemary and Sage (whom everyone along the way has fallen madly in love with) were transferred to Dave without a hitch in Angola, IN. Next stop - Southbend, IN.

Leg 3: Dave reported that the dogs were great during his leg of the trip. He delivered them into the capable hands of Sue in Southbend, IN. Next stop - Chicago, IL.

Leg 4: Sue took Rosemary and Sage to Chicago where she transferred them to Rick. Along with the dogs are now many presents from well-wishers along the relay. Rick will have Rosemary and Sage at his home where they will be picked up for the final leg of the journey by their new Mom Nancy.

Leg 5: Nancy just sent a quick email that she and the dogs have ARRIVED HOME in Racine, WI. Nancy and Rich are proud to be the new parents of Rosemary and Sage. Nancy will email more later after they all get a chance to recover from the trip. Mere thanks are not enough to tell all of the folks involved in this rescue what a great and special job you all have done!

* * * * * *

The first week has passed since Rosemary and Sage arrived at the Moresco home front. Nancy reports that Rosemary and Sage are doing well. They seem healthy and are adjusting to their new family of humans and dogs. Marilyn has recently talked with Kristie. Currently Kristie is out of the hospital, and staying with one of her sisters. She is not doing as well as we all would have hoped to hear. She is not without canine companionship. There are many dogs in her family. Her sister with whom she is staying has a Yorkie. The little dog snuggles with her in her bed. Although the Yorkie can not replace Rosemary and Sage, it has helped keep her company.

Kristie appreciates the help all concerned have provided in finding and delivering Rosemary and Sage safely and lovingly into a new family. She treasures her memories of times past with Rosemary and Sage. They are in her thoughts and carry her through each day.

Many people across the country helped Rosemary and Sage. They have helped Kristie, too. Her mind is now at ease, assured that her companions are in a compassionate and caring new family. At Greyhound Adoption Service, our hearts are overflowing with gratitude.


Greyhound Adoption Service, Inc. is in a dire situation regarding food. Our donated food source is no longer available and we are forced to purchase food for the 30 greyhounds residing at the kennel looking for homes. We are spending close to $1,000.00 per month on dog food alone. Along with our monthly bills - electric, telephone, water, routine veterinary bills, and cleaning supplies, we are truly struggling to keep our heads above water. Please help feed the greyhounds and send your generous donation to G.A.S. today. It only costs a dollar a day to feed a greyhound - so every dollar helps! The greyhounds will appreciate your support.


By Kim Bowers


...When you could really use a happy face to brighten your day? Well, there are some people who need those happy faces more than others.

Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Medford, MA is looking for a few good dogs (and owners) to visit patients on their Transitional Care Unit. The patients are older adults who are in the unit for a longer than usual hospital stay. I have been visiting LMH for approximately 8 months now with my two dogs, Flas and Blue. We are quite the head turners when we enter the hospital! Most of the patients we visit are reminded of their favorite dog stories. Needless to say, I end up doing what I like best - talking about my dogs. Some people seem very quiet when you enter their room - then they light up when they see these two dogs, totally out of the ordinary hospital experience. Some people are a little nervous and just want to look at them from a distance, but there are others that want to pet them and feed them treats (Blue & Flas LOVE those people!). Many remark on how soft their ears are, how quiet, clean, well behaved and loving they seem to be. I'm all too happy to agree with them!

The visits are totally decided upon by you, the volunteer - dates and times. I have visited weekdays, weekends, evenings, early afternoons, any time I wanted (depending on hospital schedules for meals, meds, etc.). My visits have been an hour at the longest - that also depends on the volunteer. The hospital is very flexible.

I have been bringing in little bits of miscellany as well. I brought in two greyhound-related videotapes I had and some funny pictures of my dogs for something to look at between visits. This is not a requirement, just something I thought would be interesting for them.

The patients really appreciate any little break from hospital life and an animal is really something different for them. Because most greyhounds are gentle and quiet, they are perfect for this type of interaction. Neither my dogs nor I have had any training for this sort of thing - the only skill required is a calm nature on your greyhound's part and the ability to chat with someone for a few moments about something you love to talk about anyway - your best friend!

If you are in interested, please either call me at (781) 641-1577, email me at KBOWERS@MFS.COM or contact Nancy Haddad at Lawrence Memorial Hospital at (781) 306-6000, x6021.


We are pleased to announce that the fabulous 1999 Celebrating Greyhounds Calendar published by The Greyhound Project is now available. The 1999 edition is even more spectacular than the award-winning 1998 calendar. The photographs are absolutely breathtaking. Order your calendar(s) now for Christmas gifts for those special greyhound people on your list. Order one for your home and office! Hurry - supplies are limited. See our order page at the end of the newsletter. The price is $14.00 which includes shipping and handling.

By Alison Wetterskog

As we headed northbound on Route 495 to meet with Marilyn and to visit the Greyhound Adoption Service kennel, I couldn't help but wonder if we were doing the right thing. It had only been two months since we had put our beloved Traction to sleep. She had been the first dog in our household in many years and our six years together had gone by much too quickly. We were heartbroken as we watched her health fail, knowing in our heads that the time was approaching to say goodbye but hoping in our hearts that somehow she would get better. In the end we had done the right thing but were left devastated by her loss. Not a day went by that we did not talk about her; we sometimes laughed remembering her antics but more often cried as a result of the pain her absence caused.

So, here we were, heading once again to the kennel. Jerry and the kids were ready for a new dog but I wasn't sure that I was. However, there were some things that I knew with certainty. Number one was that the house was terribly empty without a beast. All of us still heard the clicking of Traction's nails in the hallway and the rhythmic, steady breathing of her twenty three hour daily nap. We still expected her to come running every time we came through the back door and it hurt when she didn't appear. Number two was that I could not bear to look at another brindle like my Traction, let alone consider adopting one. Number three was that I wanted to love another dog - I just didn't know if I could.

We arrived at Marilyn's during unbelievable rains and waded out back to meet the latest batch of beauties. Once inside, there was the usual dilemma - how do you begin to choose among so many wonderful dogs? All four of us watched, laughed, and were enthralled with the antics of the crew on hand - Sahara reached out from her enclosure while doing her best smile, Vajo appeared to be the canine version of a self-propelled pogo stick, Reba scurried back and forth like a dog possessed. All were enchanting but we had a serious decision to make - who were we going to bring home?

We seemed drawn to two extremes. One was Diddy (aka Diddy Twist) who trotted confidently about, sometimes on only three legs and other times using all four. She was recuperating from a fractured right hock and was clearly accustomed to more than her fair share of attention from Marilyn and others at the kennel. She was a beautiful red fawn with dark eyeliner and hints of white that would have given her an elegant appearance had it not been for her ears. Diddy had the goofiest looking ears ever! Rather than the usual floppy tips, her ears tended to cup and stand straight up like elongated satellite dishes. And when she was truly intent, Diddy's ears actually touched midair over her head - a greyhound with rabbit ears? How ironic was that? But Diddy was wiggly and friendly, funny and bold, always poking her nose in, demanding to be included in whatever was happening. With my family in the kennel, she certainly received the attention she craved. Diddy returned our affection by rewarding us with enthusiastic tail wagging and several kisses.

Diamond (aka Speedo Diamond) was the other extreme, the most reclusive and reluctant dog that Marilyn had ever encountered. From the pen at the end of the kennel came first a black nose, then moments later a bit of fawn snout, and finally a gorgeous white and fawn face with brown eyes that looked hesitant and wary. If we called, tried to encourage, or even turned our eyes in her direction, Diamond would hastily retreat to the safety of the corner of her pen. Only when we focused elsewhere did she venture out, maintaining a safe distance at all times. Diamond had escaped from the racetrack and had run free for a few weeks, Marilyn explained. While she was eventually lured to an enclosure with food and captured, no one will ever know what caused her to lose all faith in humans. Diamond was turned over to Marilyn a year ago; it had taken the experienced greyhound lover four months before she could even touch her. This was definitely a special needs animal. While getting close to a dog that flees when approached may explain part of her appeal, there was more than that. Like Traction before her, this was not a dog who simply needed a home - this was a dog that needed a family.

Had it really been six years since we last came here, finding Marilyn so upset over one of her refugees? That day she was being pressured by others in the rescue group that she was then associated with to put one of the dogs down - Animal Attraction hadn't been placed in over a year, she was costing the group money, and no one was going to take her. The dog turned every prospective owner off with her frenzied approach. Like an unbroken horse, she sent inanimate as well as animate objects flying as she charged about the kennel, ignoring all attempts to calm her.

We had not gone to adopt the dog that Marilyn lovingly referred to as her "wild Indian" - it was the demur fawn known as Single that we had come for so many years ago. But as Marilyn had talked about the plight of this oversized, hyperactive greyhound, we just couldn't in good conscience leave without her. And so the jumping, streaking, frantic Animal Attraction had come home with us and came to be know as Traction.

Almost immediately after adoption, Traction let slip her well-kept secret: she was truly the biggest chicken in town. She was terrified of the kitchen floor, the vacuum sent her scurrying for cover - once she even ripped the telephone out of the wall as she panicked when encountering the phone cord! In time, with lots of love, patience, training, and consistency, Traction settled into being a dog that everyone seemed to love. Even people who did not like dogs tended to appreciate Traction whose main goal in life was simply to be near people. But that was then. Traction was gone and we had a decision to make. How could we choose?

So which do you think we chose? Give up? Well, Diddy was the dog that came home with us that day. Diamond was the dog that came home with us two months later. As for whether or not we were doing the right thing, I can't imagine much that could be more right for us. Traction continues to live in our hearts. Memories of her continue to bring us joy; but like any family member who has been lost, she will always be missed. As for how these two new characters are doing, that's another story for another time. Suffice to say, life around here just keeps getting more and more interesting!!

Marilyn Wolkovits
16 Jak-Len Drive
Salisbury, MA 01952
978-462-7973 e-mail: homes4grey@AOL.COM

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